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Laborers should be able to:

  1. Wear all required personal protective equipment, hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, respirator mask, steel toed work boots (employee provided) and rubber boots.

  2. Work outdoors wet/dry/cold/hot/day/night.

  3. Load and unload trucks and trailers.

  4. Rigging of chains to hoist materials on/off trucks/trailers.

  5. Repetitive lifting of 50lbs. of drilling products and moving hoses to pump water in/out of excavation.

  6. Moving 150lb. pumps with another employee.

  7. Lift and hold a 50lb container/bag while contents empty into hole/mud gun.

  8. Tolerate dust created by soda ash and bentonite using a particulate respirator.

  9. Use a shovel to move mud and dirt.

  10. Use both arms in a repetitive circular motion to finish concrete. 

Crane / Boom Truck Operators (National Certification as of November 2017)

Crane/Boom Truck Operators must be able to perform the general scope of work of the Laborer position and:

  1. Operate complete Crane/Boom Truck inspections.

  2. Properly lubricate and maintain equipment in good condition.

  3. Be familiar with proper signalman hand signals.

  4. Read and use crane load chart. 

  5. Be knowledgeable in proper rigging methods for special lifting.

  6. Ensure all hoisting operations are done in a safe manner.


Drill Rig Operators

Drill Rig Operators must be able to perform the general scope of work of the Laborer and Crane/Boom Operator positions and:

  1. Assume charge when superintendent is offsite.

  2. Be familiar with drill rig inspection and operation.

  3. Properly lubricate and maintain good condition of drill rig and ensure the safe operation of the drill and safety of surrounding area.

CDL Drivers

CDL Drivers should be able to: 

  1. Possess an acceptable A or B CDL with tanker endorsement.

  2. Possess a current DOT physical.

  3. Possess and maintain an ELD or current trip logbook.

  4. Can properly preform pre-trip inspections.

  5. Turn in applicable trip logs and equipment inspection sheets on time and be familiar with proper signalman hand signals.

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